I. Introduction

II. Instructions

I. Introduction

If you've integrated your Shopify store into ShipMonk you can import your inventory direct from Shopify into ShipMonk. This will help in saving time during the set up of your ShipMonk account and if you ever bring on a large number of products no need to update two separate systems.

We can import the following information:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Barcodes
  • Dimension Length
  • Dimension Width
  • Dimension Height
  • Weight

II. Instructions

Step 1. Hover over "Inventory" and and click "Import Products"

Step 2.  Click "Import from Store" if you have multiple Shopify Store's imported you will be prompted from which you wish to import.

If you receive the error "Given store is not yet integrated," please contact your Happiness Engineer.

Step 3. The system will review the SKUs to determine if there are any duplicate SKUs in your Shopify store and whether any of the SKUs you are attempting to import already exist in ShipMonk. If there are any duplicates or existing SKUs you will be prompted to exclude those SKUs from the import as follows:

Resolutions For Existing SKUs:

  • If the product in ShipMonk and the one you are attempting to import from Shopify are the same product no further steps are required.
  • If the product in ShipMonk and the one in Shopify are different products you will need to change the SKU of one of the two products.

Resolutions for Duplicate SKUs:

  • If the products are the same product created more than once in your Shopify Store, you will need to go back and either delete the duplicates in your Shopify Store; or
  • If the products are different products you will need to change the SKUs of one of the products in your Shopify.

If you are ok with excluding the SKUs from the import click "Continue without excluded"  if you want to resolve the cause of the duplicates click "Close" and revisit Step 1 after you have made the necessary changes.

Step 3. You will next need to determine the packaging type you wish to assign to the SKUs you are importing. For more information on the different types of packaging see here.

There are different ways you can select the packaging type for the SKUs you are importing.

                        a. You can select the packaging for all of the SKUs in the import:


                            b. Select packaging for Several SKUs at once:

                            c. Select packaging by each individual SKU:

Once you click "Import Products" after selecting Product types your SKUs will import into ShipMonk.