I. Introduction

II. Instructions


I. Introduction 

If enabled within the store page settings, the Auto-Merge store setting will automatically merge multiple unfulfilled orders from the same store destined for the same recipient. 

II.  Instructions

1. Each time a new order is imported into ShipMonk the system will review all the orders in “Processing”, “Submitted For Fulfillment”, and “Backorder” for that store. Orders that are placed on Hold will not be reviewed for merge.  

2. If there are orders being shipped to the same recipient then the imported order and any other orders for that recipient in those statuses will be canceled in ShipMonk (excluding orders on hold). 

3. A new order with the items contained on the canceled orders will be generated. The new order number will be “Merged: Order Number 1, Order Number 2”

4. This order will be fulfilled as normal.

5. If the merged orders are imported from your eCommerce platform the tracking number used to ship the merged order will be used to update the original orders within your eCommerce Platform.


1. Can I choose which orders are merged? 

If enabled all qualifying orders will be merged automatically.

2. If the orders have different shipping methods assigned which Shipping method will be used? 

The system will designate that the faster of the two methods be used so that if your customer paid for Express Shipping on one of the orders they aren’t receiving both via a slower service.

3. If the original orders were deemed to be shipped via an under 1lb shipping method but once merged they are too heavy to ship via that method how will they be shipped?

The system will utilize the cheapest of the available shipping methods on the appropriate shipping mapping. If no methods are available the order will show up as Action Required for Invalid or Not Chosen Shipping Method.

4. If one of the orders is on backorder and the other is able to be shipped will they still be merged?

If enabled the system will automatically merge orders regardless of whether or not we have the inventory necessary to fulfill them. (This includes merging orders where the products are split between warehouses).

5. If there are multiple orders to the same recipient in the system when I enable Auto-Merge will they be merged?

Existing orders will not be merged. However, a new order would merge with an order that existed in the system prior to the enabling of auto-merge. 

6. Can I use the split backorder feature for merged orders that go into backorder?

No, any order would need to be manually manipulated to remove the items and a new order would have to be generated for the backordered products

Please contact your Happiness Engineer if you have any further questions.