Our goal at ShipMonk is to take the stress out of eCommerce fulfillment. Let us focus on shipping your products to your customers while you worry about growing your business. One of the most stressful aspects of eCommerce is dealing with customers whose packages go astray while en route to them. In order to help you be more proactive when dealing with this issue, we’ve added the At Risk filter to the Order Dashboard.

These are orders which we will now bring to your attention, so that moving forward you can proactively decide how you want to handle each order before your customer contacts you.


1. You will see the icon on your Order Dashboard and if you have any orders in this status there will be an indication of the number of orders, similar to that of orders in Processing or Submitted for Fulfillment.

2. Once you go into that filter you’ll want to go into the order details page of the order and review the tracking.

3. Orders that are in the At Risk are in there for one of two possible reasons:

                    a. The order’s tracking has never updated even though ShipMonk has handed the package off to the carrier.


                    b. The status of the order on the carrier’s tracking page signifies an issue with the shipment. 

                    (The package was undeliverable, it is being returned to sender, it is stuck in customs, etc.)

We have extended the time period before an order is moved to ‘At Risk’ to account for the delays related to COVID-19.

4. Depending upon the information provided from the tracking you may want to clone the order to have us reship it, wait to see if there are further updates, inform your customer that there is a delay in the shipment, or reach out to your customer to see if they have received the package. 

***It is important to note that there is always the potential that the original order will be delivered with or without tracking updates.***

5. Once you have reviewed the order and decided on how you wish to proceed you can remove the order from the At Risk filter from the order details page by clicking on the “Resolve at Risk Status” in the order details page. This will move the order from the At Risk filter into the Shipped status.