I. Introduction

II. Instructions



I. Introduction

Normally, when a customer clicks on the tracking number to check the status of their order, they are redirected to the carrier’s tracking page. As you know, those third-party pages are generic and offer no value in building your brand during the post-purchase experience.

With our new branded tracking pages, you will be able to add your logo, select a main color, set navigation tabs, and activate a display banner and/or call to action. It almost goes without saying, but it’s compatible on desktop, mobile and tablets.

II. Instructions

Step 1. From the dashboard hover over the Gear Icon and click on the “Stores” button.


Step 2. This will take you to the Stores Page. From there click “View” for the store for which you wish to enable Branded Tracking.


Step 3. Within your store, you’ll want to select the Branded Tracking Page header.


Step 4.  Designate the use of either the ShipTracker URL or a Custom URL.

  1. With the use of a ShipTracker URL you simply need to designate what you’d like the prefix to be prior to the ending of where the tracking number will be the suffix.

  1. With the use of a Custom URL Address, you will be using a URL that you own the domain name for where the tracking will be added as a suffix. If you utilize a custom URL you will need to DNS record CNAME has to be added and set to “”.


Step 5. Click the “Edit” button on the Information section.

Step 6. Add your logo, this will be displayed in the page header. It needs to be in PNG or JPG format and must be exactly 360x100px.


Step 7. Select the main color for the background of your tracking page. It needs to be in Hex color code. (Be sure to include the # prefix)


Step 8. Click “Add Menu Item”, up to 6 times, to add linked text items to the header of your tracking page. You can then choose the title of each of those Labels and the URL that clicking on that item will lead your customer to. (Make sure the URLs begin with https://)

Step 9. Click the “Edit” on the Advertising Banner section. 



Step 10.  Turn on the Advertising Banner by clicking on the slide button.


Step 11. Add an image for the advertising banner it must be in JPG format and 640x1024px. You can also add a link so that when the banner is clicked your customer is directed to that webpage. 


Step 12. (Optional) Turn on the Button by clicking the slide and typing in what you’d like the button to display. See below for how it looks with the button and without.


Step 13. Click “Show Preview” for an example


Step 14. Click Publish to set it Live. Once you accept it will begin updating your tracking numbers to show the branded tracking.

Step 15. If you are utilizing Shopify you’ve completed everything necessary. For those utilizing a different eCommerce Platform, you will need to edit the Carrier Tracking Link within the eCommerce Platform in order for the correct tracking links to be sent to your customers. See below for support documentation from some of the eCommerce Platforms and edit the tracking URL to match the URL you selected in Step 4. Please reach out to your Happiness Engineer if you have any questions.









  1. How do I deactivate? On the page where you originally published the Branded Tracking the button for Publish is also the button to Unpublish.

  2. Who can activate Branded Tracking? Only Account Managers have the ability to activate or deactivate branded tracking.

  3. Is it on an account or store level? Each store must be individually set up for branded tracking.