I. Introduction
II. Details 


I.  Introduction

Recommended for use with high-replacement value products, this service enables extra processes in order to guarantee inventory quantities of the SKUs/products for which it has been enabled.

 II.  Details

When delivered products enabled for Verified Inventory are counted prior to being received to ensure that we have confirmed inventory levels at the time of receiving. 
For Verified Inventory Receivings there is a charge of $0.50 per unit with a minimum fee of $20 per ASN

Picking and Packing Process
During the order fulfillment process orders for Verified Inventory products are picked and packed by members of the Operations Management Team.
For Verified Inventory Orders the pick fees are $5.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item.

Inventory Guarantee
Our team conducts weekly cycle counts of Verified Inventory products to confirm all inventory levels are accurate. ShipMonk will guarantee inventory quantities and will cover up to $250 per unit for any inventory shrinkage after the inventory is received and an initial count is performed.
For Verified Inventory Products there is a fee of 2% per month of the replacement cost ($250 limit) of each individual unit, billed daily.


1. How does Verified Inventory impact those fees not listed above? 
All verified inventory fees are in addition to the shipping, storage, and packaging fees associated with each account.

Verified inventory can be activated for each SKU and the costs are as follows:

  •  Receiving: $0.50 per unit to count all units with a minimum of $20 per ASN

  •  Verification Fee: 2% per month of the replacement cost ($250 limit) of each individual unit, billed daily

  •  Pick Fees: $5.00 for first item and $2.00 per additional item 

2. How do I enable Verified Inventory for one of my SKUs?

To enable Verified Inventory you must submit a purchase order and proof of purchase for the desired SKUs to your Happiness Engineer.

3. Do all of your Warehouses have Verified Inventory?
Verified Inventory is currently available only in our Pennsylvania facility.